You can now challenge your friends in private leagues.

A league within the league to challenge each other, ad-hoc scoring and exclusive rankings.



For this function, you will need a PREMIUM account (6.9 Euro) and you will be able to create up to two leagues and participate to up to three.

Premium account users participate with the same team and players to both private leagues and general ranking!

The number of participants to private leagues is from a minimum of two to a maximum of 22.

Leagues have to be made of an even number of participants in order so that all team can challenge each other at every round of matches. In case of odd number of participants, a team will be automatically inserted in order to complete the match fixture (the team will be the one of the 2014/15 Fantavolley winner Alessandro Paoli).

Private leagues can be created at any point of the season but it is not possible for a team to join a league that has already started.



Users have to log in and access their personal page (My team) and select PRIVATE LEAGUES.

After selecting MY LEAGUES, you will have to name your league and confirm.

Your team will be automatically inserted in the league. Other PREMIUM account users will be able to join the league: the ‘owner’ of the league will see the name of other teams and will approve their registration to the league.

Once all users who have been invited have accepted, you can select CLOSE REGISTRATION.

REGISTRATIONS can be re-opean until the start of the first round of matches.



To play in private leagues you will need a PREMIUM account and to join an existing private league, you will have to access the PRIVATE LEAGUES section on your homepage and select the league you want to take part to in the ALL LEAGUE section.

To do so, you will have to click on the + botton (green) next to the name of the league. You will be officially part of the league once the creator of the league has approved your registration (see HOW TO CREATE A LEAGUE above).



Once registration to the league has been closed, you can create the match schedule by clicking on the name of the league next to MANAGE PARTICIPANTS: the system will generate the match schedule.

Private leagues will last as long as the championship (teams will play against each other several times in case the number of teams participating to a private league should be less than the number of teams in the Superlega).



The scoring system is the same than the main Fantavolley game (see RULES).

Based on the point difference between the two teams playing against each other, teams will score 3, 2 or 1 point (like in volleyball – 3 points for 3-0/3-1 win, 2 for 3-2 win and 1 for 2-3 loss, 0 in case of 0-3/1-3 loss) which will be assigned for the league ranking.

The point difference between the two teams playing each other that assigned the scoring is as follow:

  • - from 0,5 to 20 point differnece: 3/2
  • - from 20,5 to 40 point differnece: 3/1
  • - from 40,5 point differnece and over: 3/0

In the unlikely event of a draw, the system will assignt he win to the team that registered first.

The league ranking will be based on this scoring system.

In case two or more teams will have the same points at the end of the all matches, the following criteria will determine positions:

  1. Number of matches won
  2. Best set ratio
  3. Registration date

By clicking on the team in the league ranking, you will be able to see the roasters and points scroed by players in the other teams.

The rules for transferring players are the same than the main Fantavolley game: each team can transfer up to two players after each round of matches.


Have fun!


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