FANTAVOLLEY is the Italian volleyball SuperLega UnipolSai official game, launched in 2014 by four volleyball players with decennial experience in Serie A.

FANTAVOLLEY is a fantasy volleyball game based on the performances of Italian Serie A1 players and Gazzetta Trophy, Gazzetta dello Sport’s award to the regular season’s best player.

Points are based on the statistics from the SuperLega’s website, .

The aim is to score more points than any other FANTAVOLLEY team.



Playing FANTAVOLLEY™ is free and open to everyone.

All you need to do is going to and register a team with your email address. Once registration has been confirmed, you will be able to access your personal page, using your selected username and password.

Each participant can register more than one team by using different email addresses.

Team rosters can be modified up to the start of the first match of the league.

Registration is available at any point of the season: teams register after the start of the season will receive a score equal to 35% of the points of the team in the first place at the moment of registration.

Last season accounts (username and password) are still active, you will only have to re-insert the name of your team (which may of course changed!)



This season, FANTAVOLLEY will have two types of account:

         BASIC which will allow you to play in the general ranking and by team supported. This account is free;

         PREMIUM which will allow you to set up private leagues, access exclusive statistics, give you more players transfers and compete for prizes. This account costs 5.9 EUR.

Premium account users participate with the same team and players to both private leagues and general ranking!


You can select your team by logging into your personal page: the cost of each player has been based on statistics from last season, position, team and the player’s role (starter/substitute). Players coming from foreign or lower leagues have been assessed based on their curriculum.

Costs will change along the season according to the player’s performances.

Each FANTAVOLLEY™ coach can spend up to 1500 ‘vollars’ to sign 14 players from the list of teams and players on Each team must consist of:

  • 2 setters
  • 2 opposites
  • 4 middle players
  • 4 outside hitters
  • 2 liberos.

Positions have been assigned according to the player’s information in the team roster page on . In the event of a player being deployed in a different position, the score will still be calculated for the original position.

There is no restriction on the number of Italian/foreign players, neither in the roster or the starting six.

Only team composed of 14 players, and strictly consisting of players in the positions outlined above, will be validated.

Vollars not spent at the beginning can be used later on in the season to modify the roster.



FANTAVOLLEY™ coaches can change players during the season as outlined below:

- BASIC: two transfers after each round of matches.

- PREMIUM: three transfers after each round of matches.

Player transfers not used in the first half of the season cannot be cumulated.

Players are sold and bought at their current valuation.

Players released or sold abroad during the season by Superlega UnipolSai’s teams, or no longer listed on for any other reasons, can be changed without restrictions (and not counted against the number of players transfers available).



Coaches must submit their starting six 30 minutes before the start of each round of matches. In the event of the first match of the round taking place on Saturday, starting six will have to be submitted 30 minutes before that match.

Teams must be structured as follow:


  • 1 setters
  • 1 opposites
  • 2 middle players
  • 2 outside hitters
  • 1 libero.



 1 setter, 1 opposite, 2 outside hitters (marking the 3rd and 4th outside hitter), 2 middle blockers (and marking the 3rd and 4th middle) and one libero.

Under no circumstances can players in the starting six be changed with the substitutes (not even in case of injury, ban etc).

In order to score points, coaches must submit their starting six at least one time during the season. Should a coach not make amendments during the season, the first starting six will be used to calculate the points for each successive round of matches.



FANTAVOLLEY™ teams accumulate points from each player in the roster. Players score points through the formulas below:

SETTERS: (Points scored + aces) - (serving errors + attack errors + spiked blocked + reception errors) + (% his team total positive attack/5).

Please note: even setters may commit a reception error when the ball hits the net and results in an ace.

OPPOSITE: (Points scored + aces) - (serving errors + attacking errors + attacks blocked + reception errors) + (% personal positive attack/10).

OUTSIDE HITTERS: (Points scored + aces) - (serving errors + attacking errors + attacks blocked + reception errors) + (% personal positive attack/10) + (% personal excellent reception/10).

MIDDLE PLAYERS: (Points scored + aces + blocks) - (serving errors + attacking errors + attacks blocked + reception errors).

LIBERO: (% personal positive reception + % personal excellent reception)/10 – reception errors.

Starting players (regardless of the position) will get 100% of their score, subs will get points based on their position:

- Setter/libero/opposite: 50% of their score

- 3rd middle blocker and 3rd outside hitter: 60%

- 4th middle blocker and 4th outside hitter: 40%

Starting players who will not play any point will be replaced by the sub in their position (first the 3rd on, then the 4th one as indicated by the coach).


  • Players who will serve less than 5 times and liberos who will receive less than 5 times will receive 50% of the score (both starting six and substitutes); subtitutes who will serve less than 5 times or receive 5 less than 5 times will receive 25% of the score.
  • CAPTAIN: coaches must select a captain for each round of matches whose is x2.
  • In addition, players will receive the points assigned by Gazzetta dello Sport (from 1 to 6) as part of TROFEO GAZZETTA. Gazzetta dello Sport ranks the six best players of each match and score them from 6 (the best one) to 1 (the 6th best player of the match)



Players whose team is not playing in the first round of matches, will receive a number of points equivalent to their value at the beginning of the season.



From the start of the first game and until midnight of the day of the last match, it will be possible to sub one player of the starting 6 with one on the bench (provided the line-up had been submitted).

The player previously in the started 6 will take the place of the player who subbed him on the bench.

This option will be available for all users in the first three matches. From the 4th game, it will be limited to 15 times for Premium users and 10 for Basic.



Each team takes part to the following competitions:

  • GENERAL, the main table, based on total number of points scored throughout the entire regular season of the Superlega UnipolSai 2014/2015;
  • ROUND WINNER: team that scores most point in a round of matches;
  • FIRST HALF: winner of the first half of the Superlega UniplSai;
  • SECOND HALF: winner of the second half of the Superlega UnipolSai.
  • TEAM SUPPORTED: this ranking groups each fantavolley coach by team supported (at the moment it is optional to note the team supported at registration).

In the even of one or more team scoring the same points, the winner will be the one that has registered before.

Tables are published every Tuesday (or within two days in the event of a match being postponed).

Each coach will find out the points scored by each of his/her players through the CALCULATOR, available on, as soon as the Superlega UnipolSai’s statistics will be published on The CALCULATOR will allow coaches to understand the scoring system and to simulate the players’ potential score. This year the calculator will allow you to see the score of all your players right at the end of the match.

IMPORTANT: statistics may be modified up to 24 hours after the end of the match. FANTAVOLLEY™ is not responsible for any changes of Legavolley statistics.



FANTAVOLLEY aims to foster passion for volleyball also among those who are not expert.

The scoring system has been devised to evaluate players’ performance in full without requiring technical knowledge.

Setters, whose performances are generally difficult to evaluate through statistics, are scored taking into account his team’s positive attack percentage; for outside hitters are important high attacking percentages and low number of errors; middle players are rewarded in particular by the number of blocks while only reception will be important for liberos.

There will be prizes for the winner of each table (kits, t-shirt, tickets and sponsor gadgets).

FANTAVOLLEY™ would like to contact via email coaches and participants for interviews and prizes.

For any questions, please contact us by email which you can find under Contact us.

FANTAVOLLEY is presented in partnership with Lega Pallavolo Serie A and Gazzetta dello Sport.

You can find us on Facebook (Superfantavolley), Twitter (Fantavolley_it), Youtube ( and Instagram.

Please remember: FANTAVOLLEY is a game...have fun!

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