Guide to Fantavolley

The last and third part of our Fantavolley guide is to remind you some of the key rules and to explain how to get your team ready for the start of SuperLega UnipolSai on Saturday 18 October at 5:30pm with the first match between Modena Volley and Sir Safety Perugia.


Every coach can swap an unlimited number of players up to 30 minutes before the start of the league, therefore at 5pm of Saturday 18 October.

After the start of the league, coaches will only be able to change players according to the rules: 3 player swaps by the end of the first round of matches (these don’t have to be made at the same time) and 3 during the second round of matches. The player changes cannot be cumulated.

IMPORTANT: those who join afte the first round of matches will nave a limited number of transfers once their roster has been confirmed (by clicking on the "Confirm" button).


To filed your team, you will have to log in and click on Lineup.

Chose your starting 7 among the players in your roster as follow: one setter, one opposite, 2 outside hitters, 2 middle players, one libero.

Remember to chose your 'Captain' who points will double-count: to do so, click on the 'K' next to the name of the player.

Click on ‘Submit’ to confirm your starting 7.

Please remember that if you will not amend your starting 7 in the future, the system will always field the last formation.

We therefore strongly recommend you to update your starting 7 weekly: this way, your team will be more competitive also in the Round table.


Great news for all coaches: you can now connect to Fantavolley via Facebook. This will allow you to publish your starting 7 on the social network with a simple click.

For those who are already enrolled: you only have to log in and click on your username and then click on the Facebook icon to connect.

For the new ones: after having clicked on ‘REGISTER’, log in via facebook through the icon and complete your registration.

Once the connection has been established, you won’t have to log in anymore as this will be automatic.

Please make sure you have confirmed your starting 7 before publishing it.

Tables and Gazzetta trophy

The scoring from the Gazzetta trophy are available on the newspaper and will be published the day after the match while all tables will be published every Tuesday (or two days after the end of the end of the round of matches).

If you wish to see your players’ score before it is published, you can do so with the CALCULATOR.

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